Never alone_

by - quarta-feira, setembro 16, 2020

For a long time I believed that I was alone, and alternating feelings, like a yo-yo, I sometimes thought to be a strength, now a weakness. And although in my daily life in the big city it was common to find myself wrapped up in my lonely thoughts. Everything changed when I could be surrounded by nature and it all disappears, I was not alone, I was in the most complete peace surrounded by all beauty and energy coming from plants, animals, all the sounds and colors of the wind ...


Body: Legacy Body
Head:Genus Srange w001
Hair: Moon

.❂.Makeup /Beauty 

Sunburn ' Red Face ' by ONE 2K

.❂. Clothes

Dress ' Amelia' by Look At Me


Necklace 'Cross' by DarkFire


Bonnie by OMY - Animated & Breathing

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