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SLook Virtual, is an expression common good in the middle computerized 3D in Second Life, Second Life. What, though, we really want is to bring more tips, freebies, dollarbies, and a bit of good, designers and brands that make a fashion in Sl.

First of all let me say that I do posts giveaways and fabulous designers are really into it because they do not really owe it to the public, give stuff away, but I'm also very happy to show and present things that are not really free or dollarbie, but it is really worth your lindens and that is how this policy is created.
If you are interested in sending me / show your items, please place it in a folder with LM to your shop and also a notecard if you want me to say anything specific about the item / s, renamed "Review - store name "and drop it in my inventory and I'll post it as soon as possible and well done and if you happen to have freebie / dollarbie and promotions in store, please include that as well.
All these words that become familiar environment of social interaction in virtual-where we live, we want to bridge the gap between who and what is on the other side of the screen, and the avatar. Combine information, entertainment, promotion and maybe even horny ... rss. The Virtual Look Blog is always building and you will be part of every change and every posting. Changing every millisecond as change is real / virtual human.

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