Caribe, see you soon_

by - sábado, agosto 01, 2020

And it is with beautiful little sun marks and of course taking care with moisturizing sunscreen that I say goodbye to this paradise called the Caribbean! I take many memories, good vibes and a certainty of being back.

.❂. Body 

Legacy Perky
Head: Genus Baby Face w0001 
Hair: Doux
Hairbase 'Edge Controlliana' by Revoul

Sunburn & Sunscreen by ONE 2K Main Store
Leo Tattoo by ONE 2K MP

.❂. Clothes

Lingerie Set & Romper 'Caren' by Seniha at @Cosmopolitan - Seniha Main Store

.❂. Acessories

Necklace'Triss' by Vobe at @Belle Event | Vobe Main Store

Bag: Reign

Sunglasses 'Savage' by Cinnamon Cocaine


Both poses 'Scarlet' by OMY at @Miix Event - animated and breathing

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