Slowly ...: FurtaCor + Hilly Halan Gift + Marmalade Gift

by - terça-feira, outubro 03, 2017

Long time without blogging *sniff sniff*, backing quietly and hoping to make justice to that amazing outfits coming out from furtaCor and more Gifts at Limit8 --> Click down to credits.

Body: Lara
Head> Catwa
Hair: Sinkitila

Outfit: :::FurtaCor::Tony Set - Find here
(Included Sizes for dress ★Maitreya ★Hourglass ★Phsique ★ Isis ★ Venus ★ Freya )

[hh] GIFT Alanis Boots
Marmalade - PINK MonCherry Earrings 
.::Supernatural::. Meow-Meow Copper

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