Midnight Madness : [Masoom] + N-Core +[mymy] + BURLEY & Group Gifts

by - terça-feira, maio 31, 2016

My crow, a Amazing Dress and New Shoes... What a great princess!


Corpo/Body: Maitreya
Hair : Truth at Uber


Dress 'Madison' [Masoom] Soon at Midnight Madness 'Only June 3&4' -FREE
(Fitted Mesh Maitreya/Slink & hourglass as well. Each Day a Color to pick on board for FREE)

Shoes 'Karen' - Fatpack - N-Core - Group Gift (small fee)


Crow/Coroa 'Your Highness'- [BURLEY]

Wrap Boa 'FakeFur'- [mymy]


tram & Glitterati

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